Supply and Install Automatic monitoring station - Waste water treatment plant of Tra Vinh city



Tra Vinh Department of Construction / Tra Vinh Project Management Unit (PMU)


Hoa Thuan commune, Chau Thanh district, Tra Vinh province

Contract Year:



Redriver Engineering and Trading Limited Company

Contract Value:

Scope Of Work:

- Supplying and installing automatic monitoring station.
- Planting trees around the fence and embankment of the wastewater treatment plant.
* Tra Vinh City Wastewater Treatment Plant Project.
Redriver Engineering and Trading Limited Company is the contractor implementing package number - Package C2.3: Project of drainage and wastewater treatment in Tra Vinh city, Pumping station/Pressure route/ River crossing route, Self-flowing pipeline and Tra Vinh wastewater treatment plant
- Constructing 03 wastewater pumping stations with 10 large capacity pumps.
- Wastewater treatment plant with capacity of 17,600 - 18,100m3/day and night.

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