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Hanoi among Top 10 cities in Southeast Asia


Three major cities of Vietnam are distinguished with the annual prestigious awards of Travel & Leisure.The United States-based magazine Travel & Leisure has recently unveiled its 2022 Asia’s Best Awards with suggestions about the best travel destinations around the world.

Hanoi’s specialty listed among CNN's best Asian noodle dishes


Pho, Bun cha and Cao lau were praised by US news site CNN to be the best the most mouth-watering noodle dishes across Asia.

Where to go and what to do in Hanoi for locals and tourists?


Famous tourist attractions in Hanoi and tours between the capital city and neighboring provinces will help turn the visits on the occasion of the 31st SEA Games into memorable experiences.

Insider: Tube houses are a funky feature of Hanoi’s streets


The development of the tube houses' unique architectural style in Hanoi’s Old Quarter can be traced back to expensive land prices.The US-based newspaper Insider has recently published an article introducing typical architecture in Hanoi.

The National: Five reasons for travelers to visit Vietnam now


According to The National (UAE), after a two-year hiatus of the Covid-19 pandemic, the South-East Asian nation welcomes vaccinated visitors from mid-March, and there are five compelling reasons for travelers to visit the country.

The quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine: Hanoi spring rolls


Hanoi’s typical dishes with many variants always cause nostalgia for children who live far from their homeland.

Vietnam among the Wanderlust’s list of ideal destinations in March


The UK-based travel magazine suggests travelers visit the mountainous area of Vietnam in late Spring. On the list of 20 countries around the world that are chosen by renowned travel magazine Wanderlust, Vietnam ranked 17 and is the only nation from Southeast Asia.

Red color brings “Tet excitement” to Hanoi’s downtown street


Tet is coming, Hang Ma Street in Hanoi’s downtown district of Hoan Kiem is tinted with the typical red color of the traditional Lunar New Year. This is also considered a “shopping paradise” for everyone on the occasion of Tet.

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