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Vietnam offers ventilators to Indians


The relief is mainly from Vietnamese monks, nuns, and alumni in India. Vietnam has offered Covid-19 relief to Indians with an aim to share difficulties that place a burden on the South Asian country.

Vietnam hands over medical materials to aid Cambodia’s fight against Covid-19


This is the third assistance in 2021 that Vietnam has given to Cambodia in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.The Vietnam Border High Command on May 11 handed over a package of medical materials to its counterpart in neighboring country of Cambodia where suffers the widespread Covid-19 pandemic.

Spending all forces to contain Covid-19: Vietnam top leaders


The fresh outbreak of coronavirus draws the engagement of different forces. Vietnam’s top leaders have said that the containment of the fourth Covid-19 outbreak is the country’s first and foremost mission at this time.

US and EU buyers to choose Vietnam as sourcing destination in 2021


Global supply chains will turn to Vietnam, India and Turkey for more diverse sourcing.US and other global buyers continue to choose Vietnam as one of the leading sourcing countries this year as they are seeking to diversify their buying away from China.

Dong Ho painters join Covid-19 fight efforts


One of the most popular paintings of Dong Ho line, a boy on a buffalo wearing a face mask, holding a hand sanitizer and a “Bluezone shield” - an app developed by Vietnam's Ministry of Information and Communications and MoH for tracing contact. The buffalo also wears a mask.

Vietnam reactivates task forces as Covid-19 sweeps dozens of cities


Members of the response teams are health professionals from leading hospitals. Vietnam has reactivated Rapid Response Team (RRT) against Covid-19 as the pandemic is sweeping 19 cities and provinces after 10 days.

[Photo Essay] Vietnam’s largest cancer hospital disinfected after lockdown


The hospital was isolated shortly after first Covid-19 cases detected there. The Vietnam National Cancer Hospital (K Hospital), the country’s largest hospital treating cancers was disinfected on Friday afternoon [May 7] after dozens of Covid-19 cases were found there.With three branches in Hanoi, in the premises of K Hospital there are always roughly 5,000 staff and patients who are from different parts of Vietnam.

Vietnam steps up Covid-19 containment as outbreak gets bigger


Several localities are strengthening Covid-19 prevention measures as the nation records more community transmissions.The central city of Da Nang has suspended on-site service at food and beverage establishments. Starting Friday, all restaurants and coffee houses will not serve customers on the premises. They can offer takeaways, instead.City authorities have also advised residents to stick to online transactions as much as they can towards avoiding direct contact with people.

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