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Over the past 23 years, Redriver Engineering & Trading Co., Ltd. has been constantly innovating towards the goal of developing a sustainable brand, providing qualified products and services, developing an experienced and enthusiastic personnel. And every single day passes by, in Vietnam, the constructions implemented by Redriver are still operating day and night, contributing to the general development of the country.

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Phó Giám đốc quản lý Thi công (Kỹ thuật-Thi công)


Lô 7-A1 dự án tiểu khu nhà ở Ngọc Khánh, phường Ngọc Khánh, quận Ba Đình, thành phố Hà Nội.

DepartmentPhó Giám đốc quản lý Thi công (Kỹ thuật-Thi công)

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